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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Autism Community. How to Protect Your Family!

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8 thoughts on “#May 20-24 2020 | Attend the AutismOne Virtual Summit for free”

  1. I’ve listened to every interview I can find with Dr Judy! I love her, she is a warrior. I would like clarification on why the sudden development of this corona virus…why suddenly all over the world if it’s true cause is a retrovirus..explain what turned it on all at once please?

  2. I love you! Thank you for speaking the truth. I know my only child died at the age of 16 to bone cancer caused by vaccines. I’m so glad the corruption is finally being exposed. Granted this is just the tip of a very big iceberg, but it’s a start. Hopefully this will encourage others to step forward and do the right thing for humanity. So many lives affected.

  3. My daughter has a severe case of fibromyalgia. Where can I find out what treatment Dr Judy Mikovits recommends? I saw that it was on her list of diseases that come from xmrv. Thank you, website or information to point me in the right direction. Tammy C.

  4. Please, please, may I have a way to contact Dr Mikowits directly regarding autism.
    Ii have a close friend with an autistic daughter and she has done so much research but needs scientific proof of her belief that vaccines do have an influence on autism.

    I realist she is very busy but this would help so much

    Thank you so much
    Clive van Geems,
    Cape Town South Africa


  5. Why Haven’t You Tried Contacting The PRESIDENT or Fox New ? TO SHARE YOUR INFORMATION

  6. I missed it. My daughter has autism began soon after mmr dpt vaccines. Please send me any ideas treatment ect. Dr. Judy Mikovits you are an amazing person. God bless you. Tara

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