Arizona March For Medical Freedom


It was a great day thanks to all of you! I’m so grateful to know you and fight this battle along side with you…til the next one! 😘


This rally coincides with similar marches taking place in multiple states and at our nations capitol in D.C.. The purpose of the Arizona March for Medical Freedom is to take a stand together to protect our rights to make medical decisions as we see fit for ourselves and our children. Across the nation we are seeing a slew of these rights being trampled on and NOW is the time to stand up, united and make our voices heard to protect our civil rights! This is a positive rally! We are focusing our efforts to instill and preserve rights such as the “Arizona Parental Bill of Rights”, the 1st amendment along with the Nuremberg code of ethics.

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2 thoughts on “Arizona March For Medical Freedom”

  1. Dear Judy,
    As a mother of four I wanted to thank you for your honesty and your dedication to the health of children. We are under so much pressure here in Miami, FL by our Jewish Private schools to vaccinate our children. I have become very informed and feel more and more certain that I am doing the right thing by keeping them vaccine free. I would like to send you an email if possible. Is there any place to write you directly? thanks so much!

  2. The safety of vaccines is not at the level it should be. Vaccinated children contagious for weeks attending schools while perfectly healthy children are not allowed in schools. A child with Hepatitis B positive can go to school while a child not vaccinated for HepB and testing negative cannot. This is beyond any good judgment and beyond any reason that simply can not be accepted. Besides the fact of putting toxins in our children from Day One forward.

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