7 thoughts on “#SAT, 4.11.20 | 2020 CANNA WORLD EXPO assembles the global cannabis business community in an ONLINE forum. Register NOW!”

  1. Hello, Judy – great knowing you from TTAV2020 – want to follow and support you, Thanks for your fortitude and more power from God Almighty!!

  2. Dr Judy “M” I have heard that this is really because of the 5G High Frequency Waves towers already been installed that causes flu like symptoms from weaken immune systems. Then the vaccine will have a computer chip in it which will be used to control and track us. What are your thoughts on this?

  3. I just listened to Dr Judy “M” on Valuetainment. I applaud your courage, endurance, integrity, strength, and righteousness. Thank-you. What should we ordinary yet we are the masses of people be doing to prevent what is to come with this vaccine?

  4. I thought we just heard this today, April 4th? and now the video is gone?????? what’s up.. some of it looked sketchy,, but you came shining thru, Dr. Judy.. I met you last April about this time in Milwaukee.. remember we were under a blizzard warning? I loved what you had to say today but was only able to share it with a couple of people before it was pulled.. you need to be heard..
    Hope you will indeed be speaking again next week.

  5. Will this event be streamed? I heard your presentation at RSE and would like to be able to stream this event.

  6. Hi Judy, I just heard you on Sarah Westall and I’m grateful for all that you do. I just pre-ordered your second book on Amazon. On your website I also noticed that I could get free admission to Canna World on April 14. Is that online? Lastly, I too live in Ventura. I would be grateful if you kept me in the loop of upcoming interesting events. Thank you!

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