I am a fan. Thank you for your work and your sacrifices. . .

Thank you for your brilliance and continued courage!!!

I am a man who has had M.E./CFS for over 6 years. I have spent around 2,000+ hours researching before finding your info on retroviruses and ME/CFS. There is a lot of bad and misleading info out there. If ME is really caused by XMRV or some retrovirus, I just wanted to thank you for coming out and putting the info out there. You guys are heroes for risking everything to tell the truth about many suffering people.

Thank you so very much for your honest and steadfast integrity in your excellent work. I am intrigued by the important discoveries you share from your work, I share it with all my friends and I pray for you and your family from now on as much as I will remember. Please continue to put out the truth as it is. How can we help to relate your findings to children, as ongoing science education?

It was so great talking with you last night at the mix and mingle. Needless to say I had a tough time falling asleep. Last thing I remember was praying to God for you. I plan to continue to follow and support you however I can.

I just heard your frickin FABULOUS interview with Candyce and holy moly you were on fire. I loved it and I love you, your passion and strength.

I started listening to some of your presentations and lectures a year ago on AutismOne Media. I can't tell you how enlightened and hopeful you've made me feel about this autism puzzle I've been trying to figure out most of my life! I myself have had autism and vaccine injury since practically birth. Your theories about autism sound the most logical from all the ones I've examined, and it's all coming together now, from what I've researched. I admire your science work you've done your whole career and your bravery for what you've had to go through!

Dear Judy-First off, thank you so much for all you are and do no matter what/whom. Words can not express my appreciation for your warrior-self decade after decade. I've been following you and your good work through your past interviews with your colleagues such as Dr. D. Klinghardt. So, when I saw you did an interview with Dr. Mary Clifton, I took a break away from desperately attempting to get help for a 90-something-year-old friend with COPD in Florida to watch your interview.

I heard your talk on CBD Health Revolution, you were by far the most interesting person in the panel … enjoyed listening to every word.

Thank you for all of the amazing research that you do and for participating in The CBD Health Revolution! You shared so much valuable information.