#Tue, 4.7.20 | The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus

Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP

Mysterious Traits of the Virus; China’s Virus Coverup Exposed; Backlash Against the WHO

Calls for lawsuits and investigations into the Chinese regime’s role in the spread of the CCP Virus are gaining global momentum. Nations including the United States, Australia, the UK, and others are calling for investigations; and lawsuits are following close behind. Amidst this, the Chinese regime is teasing the lawsuits as “impossible to win” and is walking back some of its key narratives. I declared that a class action lawsuit in Missouri is “ridiculous,” and a regime spokesman is now claiming China has no concept of wet markets. And after the United States put a hold on funding to the World Health Organization, the Chinese regime and a “One World” fundraiser have aimed to restore its finances.

13 thoughts on “#Tue, 4.7.20 | The Origin of Wuhan Coronavirus”

  1. Just read your book. Amazing and yes I knew there was corruption and hated vaccinations as I had a 5 year old granddaughter die of a brain tumor. One of the questions was, did she have her vaccinations. Of course the rest of her siblings have not had a vaccination since. Now my husband has MS and I have fibromyalgia. Questioning the deuterium depleted water. You said we could find it on Amazon. I find a brand called Lite Water and then many others show up but don’t say they are deuterium depleted. Do you need to drink think continuous or just for a temporarily? The Lite Water is very expensive so was just wondering. Also have begun looking into CBD oil. Thanks for your work and for speaking out.

  2. I am about to read the book . I always had my doubts on Pharma and some doctors. From the essence of these folks that have already read it and written comments, I will not be able to put it down once I sit calmly and read it.

  3. Heard your program on Coast to Coast. You are brave and I am grateful for your insight. I have Covid. And now bilaterall pneumonia. I have been a clinical nurse for 36years. I am in isolation at home. It is hanging on 22 days now. I want to get better so I can go back to work. I am mad as hell right now…I knew it was deliberate! How do we fight back?

    1. Dr Shiva has a protocol on his website…


      High vitamin A and 50,000 IU of D3 for 2 days, then down to 10,000 IU. Get out in sun. Yesterday’s presser had an expert on who said sun disinfects CV in 2 minutes. I will also put you on my prayer list.🙏🇺🇸

  4. Facebook/Judith.Vary.Baker/post > on “Animal Pathway Transfer Tree” by author r of “Me & Lee” and lab assistant for Dr Mary Sherman > “Dr Mary’s Monkey” > JFK & CIA viral bioweapons

  5. Facebook keeps taking this down! What in the world is going on with this? I watched it and thought it was very informative.

  6. Thank you, thank you so much for your dedicated work and perseverance to tell the truth. I am trying to locate your books in the UK. Shipping from US is very expensive.
    I Want to order the Plague book and your other blue covered one with Kent and yourself.
    I’m so glad I have found your site. I will draw upon all your evidence to relay the truth as it comes. There is strength in truth to help people see what is going on
    Warm Regards

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