December 4-5, 2021 | Wellness Parenting – Family Health & Freedom Summit + Expo | Nashville, TN


In the 1980's 10% Of Kids Had a Chronic Illness, Today it's Skyrocketed to 54%. Find Out How NOT to Become a Statistic & How to Regain Health! Now is Your Opportunity to get Answers from Dr. Judy Mikovits and so many more in one place in one weekend. Hear the truth from the trifecta of Top Physicians, Freedom Attorney's and Religious Leaders!

We are super excited to have assembled the "Greatest Minds" in the Health & Freedom movement to guide us through the real science and data about the Covid pandemic, masks, vaccines, and lockdowns, and how to fight back against the radical tyrannical Marxist agenda. They'll help prepare your family to thrive with best approaches for overcoming chronic illness, healing from the inside out (without drugs), and how to achieve super immunity for kids!

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