January 28, 2022 | Cardio Miracle Webinar: THE SECRET LIFE OF NITRIC OXIDE with John Hewlett and Stanford Graham

For four decades, I have been a vigorous, vocal advocate for taking command of your own health, and to do it in the best possible ways … gently and naturally. And we have occasionally shared that we enjoy a high-quality nitric oxide boosting supplement called Cardio Miracle.

That’s right, I take it myself!

I participated in this unique webinar opportunity alongside special guests Stanford Graham and John B. Hewlett of Cardio Miracle. John is the Founder and Formulator of Cardio Miracle, and an expert on nitric oxide.

You’ll hear the full story about nitric oxide. John knows all about this miraculous molecule—even the not-so-well-understood aspects. He shares his knowledge, experience, and some groundbreaking studies and I share my abundant knowledge of human health and the healing power of the body.

John also shared his 14-year journey of meeting, interviewing, and speaking with specialists from around the world, which have given him a unique and comprehensive perspective about nitric oxide—and why it may matter to you!

All the best of health,

Judy A Mikovits, PhD
CEO DrJ Solution