#Thu ,July 2, 2020: Connie Bryan Show PART 2

This is PART TWO of Connie Bryan's interview with Dr. Judy Mikovits, molecular biologist and critically acclaimed author of the New York Times best selling "Plague of Corruption"...In this second half we not only discuss the media driven corona virus "PANIC-DEMIC", but we also get into more detail on the toxic, deadly danger of many vaccines, with emphasis on the serious health risks they pose to infants and children due to vaccine manufacturers having been given complete 'immunity' and protection by the federal government from ALL vaccine injury liability, as codified in the Child Vaccine Injury Protection Act of 1986.

This is critical information and truth the public needs to know, but that the mainstream media will not report because the vast majority of their advertising revenue comes from...you guessed it, those same pharmaceutical companies. In case you missed PART ONE, Connie and Dr. Mikovits discuss Covid-19 in depth, and specifically how it relates to what the pathetic mainstream media is NOT telling you about the massive fraud and corruption that is widespread in 'Big Pharma' and the medical industrial complex, especially with regard to the dangers associated with vaccines.