March 12 & 13, 2022 | The Wellness Parenting Revolution | Health & Freedom Summit & Expo | Nashville TN

Join Us for the Premier Family Health & Freedom Event of the Year and discover the TRUTH about Covid-19, the Omicron Variant, Masking, Kids Health & How to Keep Your Freedoms!

In the 1980's 10% Of kids had a chronic it's skyrocketed to 54% of kids. Find out why, how NOT to become a statistic & how to regain health! Are you a parent concerned with avoiding masking but want to keep you child in school? Are you a healthcare provider, teacher, college student, or professional feeling coerced into taking the Covid Vax? Are you tired of our Freedoms and Choices being stripped away one by one? Now is your opportunity to get these answers and so many one place, in one weekend, hear truth from the trifecta of Top Physicians, Freedom Attorney's and Religious Leaders!

Get Your Ticket Today & Improve the Health of Your Family Forever...

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Super Early Bird Special Only $65.00 Until Jan 21st! 

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