#Mon, 3.9.20 | Retroviruses and Coronavirus As Dangers In Using Animal Tissue in Human Therapies

Retroviruses and Coronavirus As Dangers In Using Animal Tissue in Human Therapies

In Dr. Judy Mikovits’ book, Plague of Corruption, the broader question is raised, “What is the enormous risk in using animal tissue in research and mixing of it with human tissue for the development of medical therapies while covering up the value of efficacies of natural product therapies like cannabis, homeopathy, energy therapies, and other medical plants?” 

What is a retrovirus?

Retroviruses cannot replicate without a host. The difference between a virus and a retrovirus is the retrovirus’ ability to insert its own gene expression into the genes of the host. The virus binds to a receptor on the surface of the host cell. Then it uses reverse transcriptase enzyme to turn its RNA genetic material into DNA. This is necessary so it is compatible with its host to assure its survival. Now with the same DNA as the host it can invade the control center of cells called the nucleus. At this point it can now replicate itself creating new viral segments which can further invade the host’s cells and cause damage.

Episode #73 with Dr. Judy

Naturally Recovering Autism (73) Retroviruses and Coronavirus As Dangers In Using Animal Tissues in Human Therapies

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